The Foundation Family


CEO/PRESIDENT:  Cheryle Guzman Wood

Cheryle is the Founder Gus's, youngest daughter.  Cheryle was president for fifteen years and stepped down from 2009 to 2014 as she relocated to San Francisco.  On August 1, 2014 she returned to Southern California to resume her responsibilities in the Foundation.  September 9, she formally became Owner, CEO and President.  She has been a vital asset since the foundation was created. Cheryle strives daily to keep her father's legacy alive.  Cheryle is the mother of two children; a daughter Casmerina, 25 and a son Marsol, 19.  Both her children have been active in the foundation their whole lives.  She strives continually to do her utmost for the foundation.


CHAIRMAN:  Oscar Rafael Dominguez


Rafael is the eldest son.   He will be making corporate decisions with Cheryle.  He strives fiercely with God's blessing.  Each and every day we communicate with each other to make the right decisions to keep our father's legacy alive.


SECRETARY:  Judy Guzman-Fierro

Judy is the eldest daughter.  She has resumed her position as secretary of the foundation September 2, 2014.  She has shown tremendous growth and love for the community.  She can be found seven days a week at our office in Fountain Valley.  She's hands on in all the tasks preformed and oversees all the monetary donations.  She does have assistance for this is a tremendous duty to do alone.  Stanley Romero and Raul Munos are her "right hand" men.


TREASURER:  Jeanette Sapp

Jeanette has been Gus's secretary for fifteen years plus.  The board members asked her to become part of The Path of Hope Foundation family.  She has become a "surrogate mother" to us.  Her love and knowledge for humanity is unbelievable.  She's married to Pastor Ben Sapp and has two lovely children.  She brings more understanding and compassion each and every day.  We are grateful and blessed to have her.