Gus Guzman

Gus Guzman was born in Goliad, Texas in February 3rd, 1935 to a very poor family. He joined the Marines and went to Korea to serve his country for 9 years.  On his way back in 1952 he stopped in at an orphanage in Tokyo, Japan. There he met 2 little boys who touched his heart and he learned the joy of giving. Gus has never forgotten where he came from and always had a desire to give back to those less fortunate. When he arrived in Santa Ana more than 65 years ago, he put himself through a barbering/cosmetology school where he discovered his gift to style hair. He excelled in that field and opened 7 hair salons throughout Orange County. He was known in Las Vegas as the only man who could cut hair “blindfolded”. This was an attraction in the Vegas Casino’s in 1985.

Throughout his career in the cosmology Industry, he always found ways to give back and influenced other business owners to join him in helping the less fortunate on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Gus has seven children,  three girls and four boys.  In 1986 Gus suffered a severe heart attack and was left paralyzed. During that time, as a family came to the conclusion that downsizing seven shops to two was the way to survive. He still continued to give to the needy and encouraged others to do the same.

In 1997, he became federally recognized by the U.S. Government as a 501 (C) (3) tax exempt, non-profit organization, known as The Path of Hope Foundation. He has been recognized throughout Orange County as a community leader and has been recognized numerous times by the City of Fountain Valley, Santa Ana and the State of California.  He has been named the "Unsung Hero" in Fountain Valley which was one of the highlights of his life.

He serves individuals and families throughout Orange County, including single parents, children, abused women, the elderly, the disabled, homeless and has a special place in his heart for all Veterans.